"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle."

-Lewis Carroll

who I am; I know what career I want (Definitely a journalist!), what my next step is (Move to a big city!) ...then I remember a career aptitude test from high school that told me my destiny was to be a vet and I question everything.



to my Capstone Portfolio! I stand -err, type -here as a representative of the thousands of college students around the world who just want to figure out what they want out of life. There are days that I feel I have an unbreakable grasp on


I spent a lot of my early college days waiting for that epiphany when I would finally know who I am. But the truth is, this "Aha!" moment doesn't exist; we don't figure out who we are in one singular moment. Rather, we find ourselves everyday in the things that we do and the things that make us happy. For me, that includes my writing.










Finally, I include my 'Capstone' project, which epiomizes my evolution from a nervous student to a more confident writer more willing to take risks. My Capstone project -a short children's book aimed at a college audience -served as the inspiration for this site, which I consturcted with a childlike theme. Enjoy!

Like every college student, my interests and goals have changed over the past four years; and my writing reflects this growth. On this website, you will find artifacts of my writing. The 'Writing for School' tab contains some of my early work, which was predominantly stick-to-the-prompt, write-what-the-teacher-thinks stuff. 'Writing to Explore' illustrates a shift in my college career, when I started to take control of my writing in and outside of the classroom. 'Writing for Myself' contains examples of writing that I do for my own enjoyment.