I'm a Junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Writing. When I'm not busy with school, you can find me causing mischief with my three amazing roommates, eating an always wonderous burrito from Qdoba, or dancing alone in my room. My favorite television show constantly changes, but Game of Thrones is quickly taking the lead (ugh, Joffrey). I love my two dogs, fly fishing, and spend way too much time exploring Pandora radio. But what you need to know is that I love to write. 



I created this EPortfolio as a requirement for the Minor in Writing. In a happy turn of events, creating my own site has been an enjoyable experience. In my EPortfolio, you will find pieces of writing that I have composed over my college career. Some works are from the Minor in Writing classes, others from Communications and beyond. Building a portfolio has given me the opportunity to look back on my writing and see what works and what does not. I still have a long way to go, but this experience has helped me grow as a writer.



Lauren Lucas

A Note From the Author